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Research project

Publication date :2015-01-15 03:39

Author:Rocket Electronics

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1 national special project for industrialization of new power electronic devices;
National Electronic Information Industry Development Fund project, 1;
National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, one special project for revitalization and technological transformation of electronic information industry;
Two special fund projects for government bank enterprise cooperation in strategic emerging industries of Guangdong Province;
4 major science and technology projects in Guangdong Province;
1 special project for the development of strategic emerging industries in Guangdong Province;
1 provincial production university research cooperation project;
1 technological innovation project of Guangdong Province;
The third batch of special led projects for strategic emerging industries of Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology, 1 project;
One high-end new electronic information project of special fund for strategic emerging industry development of Guangdong Province;
6 key breakthrough projects in key areas of Guangdong and Hong Kong.